Note: I am not currently taking on new clients. Past clients who would like to return will be accommodated if at all possible.

When I was much younger, I remember being afraid of the idea of therapy. Then one day I experienced a crisis and found myself in front of a therapist. I mark that day as a major turning point in my life. Instead of meandering through my days having to deal with frequent uncomfortable feelings (e.g. anxiety, depression, or feelings of unworthiness and shame), the clouds lifted and I just felt–well healthier. Therapy can be an amazing experience that helps you to solve problems, make desired changes, or just understand yourself better.

If you want to live more fully, then therapy may be able to help with relational issues, anxiety, depression, and much more.

Give me a call at (925) 421-6236 to set up a free phone consultation. (For confidentiality reasons, please use this message to facilitate the initial contact only.)